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Wedding Themes?


So as I am weeks away from looking at venues, I’m starting to get anxious about the rest of my wedding planning task list. The first thing on my mind is do we have a wedding theme or not!? I’ve thought of all the things we love to do…watch movies and actual record video at family functions or the most recent, took a road trip to DC for Obama’s Inauguration in January (where we got engaged!) and took tons of footage which we just finished editing and created our own documentary. We enjoy traveling, the beach, spoiling our Boston Terrier, and hanging out with friends and family. I’ve thought about doing a “movie” theme, but the favors, invitations, and decorations I’ve seen online are not for me.  Then there is our “wine” theme since we’ll  be in California.  And then of course travel comes to mind which I think we might be able to pull off.  While my mind wandered aimlessly today about all the possibilities, I came across this save-the-date idea.  Doesn’t sound all that “new”, but it’s new to me so thought I would share in case you haven’t seen them.  It’s a boarding pass save-the-date! Very appropropriate for a destination wedding right!?  Its very cute and can also be used as a less formal wedding invitation too!  I’m all about DIY projects and what-do-you-know…they have a template already out there for these puppies! I found Aylee Bits’s template of boarding pass Save-the-Dates by way of  iDIY Blog!  I know I’ll be frequenting iDIY on a daily basis for inspiration from now on! Still undecided if “travel” will be our theme, but its definitely looking more like one of our better options!

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