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Tasha & Dee’s California Elopement by McFadden Studios

“What…an elopement?” Yeah that’s what I said when I first read the subject line from McFadden Studios. I thought, “how can that be when I see pictures of crowds of family and friends?” Don’t elopements usually involve two people whisking away for something private? Yeah call this an elopement fail in the most perfect way.  Tasha and Dee must be an incredibly special couple to have family and friends insist on traveling with them anyway to celebrate the special occasion.

The intimate wedding took place overlooking the meadows and beautiful views of the ocean in Mendocino, California at The Standord Inn by the Sea. The Inn is best known for it’s yummy vegetarian cuisine and is also one of the first North American inns to adopt sustainable practices contributing to the launch of the green revolution.

With a happy couple, their closest family and friends, Tara from The Beauty Bar on deck to do hair and of course the talented Chelsi from McFadden Studios to capture the whole thing, this elopement was anything but a fail.

Chelsi has more of the details for us: Tasha and Dee were planning a quick trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to Mendocino California for an intimate elopement. What they didn’t know, was that their family and friends were planning to follow them there. When Tasha and Dee started talking to their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends about their plans, their guest list started evolving from two witnesses to roughly 30 guests. When I arrived at the venue to photograph the bride’s preparations, I was told that she and her friends had been camping for a week prior to their arrival at The Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California. They quickly threw together a bouquet of wild flowers for the bride on their way to the inn. The atmosphere was alive with joyfulness, dancing, and giggles. The support from the family and friends that Tasha and Dee received was astounding. I had goosebumps as I photographed her father walking Tasha down the isle. I laughed with them as Tasha removed Dee’s sunglasses half way through their ceremony. I was fortunate to spend a day immersed in the beauty of a truly supportive and loving family, for that, I am grateful.

Okay and I couldn’t resist starting the line up with anything other than the sweetest eyes from this little one…



This wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights!

The List: 35 Things {Mel’s Monday}

via Creative Stash

So as some of you know I had a birthday on Saturday. It was just like I had said it would be Friday. Uneventful, relaxing, a whole lot of do-nothing and it was glorious. So thankful I’m living to see another year! Last year my mom had a “Big 30″ bash for me and after walking around all night trying to keep up with 30 different conversations at once (and not complaining at all- it was so much fun being with all my friends and family!), it was nice to have a laid back kind of birthday.

But as I start a new year and inch closer to 35 I thought it would be fun to create a 35 things to do before 35 list! I started making my list not too long after my 30th birthday but just got around to completing it. It might look like somewhat of an “aggressive” list, but I’m up for the challenge to make it all happen in the next 4 years!

Here it is…

1. Play a game of tennis (nope- never have)
2. Go on a vegetarian diet for 30 days (think its about as long as I can last, haha)
3. Cook my first Thanksgiving (or Christmas) day turkey
4. Put a scrapbook together
5. Move to a new city
6. Get published (print and/or online)
7. Write a book (even if it never gets published)
8. Take a trip through Europe
9. Appear on television (Tyra Banks show- summer 2006)
10. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
11. Donate my hair
12. Become a parent
13. See a Broadway show in NYC
14. Do New Years Eve in Times Square (Dec 2011)
15. Go skiing
16. Take a pole-dancing class (No need to hyperventilate family…this will be recreational only. No plans on going pro!)
17. Go para-sailing
18. Take salsa dancing lessons with the husband
19. Run a 5k
20. Stay in an overwater bungalow
21. Attend an Olympic game/event
22. Attend a Presidential Inauguration Ceremony (Jan 2009)
23. Go on a cruise with the hubby
24. Do a cross-country road trip
25. View a space shuttle launch (July 2011)
26. Go on a safari
27. Swim with the dolphins
28. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
29. Paint my first canvas
30. Sing karaoke (yes I’ve managed to make it through college and my 20′s without ever doing this!!)
31. Launch a new business again & work for myself (full time)
32. Go ice skating as an adult (Central Park, Dec 2011)
33. Finish our Obama inauguration home-documentary video
34. Take a trip to New Zealand
35. See the Grand Canyon as an adult (I was 7 when I visited)

Other things that will be added to the “full bucket” list:

  1. Visit Bethlehem
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Go surfing
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon
  5. See the Northern Lights
  6. Grow a vegetable garden
  7. Go whale watching

Do you have a list? What things would you like accomplish?

Goddess of the Sea Collection and Birthday Countdown

It’s Friday AND my birthday weekend (it’s tomorrow!) so doesn’t that call for some extra celebrating boys and girls?! It will definitely be a relaxing, do-nothing kind of 31st birthday and I’m so excited to be spending it with just my two favorite boys (the hubs and our fur ball). Wait, rewind. Did I say 31? As in 10 years past my 21st birthday? Eeeeek! To go back and remember how different that birthday was. Haha! Junior year of college and partying it up with my besties. Man, those were the days. But honestly, I love where I am 10 years later and couldn’t be happier how I’ll be celebrating it this year.

But before I head off and dive into some cake, I leave you with a gorgeous sea goddess photo shoot from the ever-so-talented Michelle March. It’s so perfectly styled and the colors are amazing!

I’m so glad Michelle shared the deets behind the shoot! Whenever Jacqueline Pinto and I get together magic happens. We share a passion for art, history, fashion and {clearly} Greek mythology. In this incredible collaboration, we were inspired by Amphitrite, Goddess of the Sea {wife of Poseidon}. In the story of Theseus, she gives him a golden crown for finding the ring which was thrown in the sea by King Minos to prove that he was truly Poseidon’s son. The dress, jewelry and crown were designed by Jacqueline Pinto. With the wonderful and innovative help of Christina Vidal (hair/makeup), we transformed the gorgeous Brigitta into everything Amphitrite embodies at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

p.s. I’m sooo in love with that necklace!!

p.p.s. This shoot has me wanting to be by the sea so if Florida’s weather Saturday treats as good as it has been the last few days, maybe we’ll take a spontaneous little road trip to St. Augustine for some good eats and seagull watching. =)

Join me back here on Monday when I’m sharing my 35 things to do before 35 list. One year down, 4 years to go!

Happy weekend Brides and Friends!

Spanish Style Wedding by Troy Grover Photographers

There are so many fun ways couples can weave in their personal love story into their wedding day details. Using the place that you met as inspiration is a perfect place to start. Since meeting in Mexico, today’s couple, Brittany & Alejandro, found ways to fuse both their Spanish and American cultures together for their big day. Their ceremony and reception took place in San Clemente, CA at the historic Casino San Clemente, also known as the Spanish Village by the Sea, where old school American film icons like Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, and Dorothy Lamour once gathered for nights full of dining and dancing. So cool! And what’s a Spanish styled wedding without a live Mariachi?! I love their use of the Spanish tiles, pretty bright blue color, and dark woods. Check out all the goods Troy Grover Photographers captured at this fab wedding…you won’t be disappointed!

Creative Team Behind the Scenes: Photographers: Troy Grover Photographers Hair Stylist:  Design Visage / Caterer:  Luscious Jimmy’s Catering / Event Planner:  Kimberly Conners Events / Reception Venue:  Casino San Clemente / Band:  Mariachi Salazar / DJ:  Atmosphere Entertainment

This wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights!

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