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Our Newspaper Save the Dates!

So I’m so excited to finally be able to post our save the dates since 90% of guests received them already. The other 10% are Mr. Oceanside’s guy friends whom I am still waiting on the addresses for and also not worried about them being readers of my blog so won’t disappoint anyone by posting them here.

The inspiration came from a similar project I saw done professionally but unfortunately was way out of budget.  So I  undertook the task of creating our save the dates myself.  Our save the date was similar to a newspaper announcement telling our guests a short story about how and where we got engaged, leading to our wedding location and wedding website information.

I created the file in PowerPoint and ordered the grey cardstock paper and vellum envelopes from Paper and More.

Picture 005

Save the Date

Picture 008

I loved the look of vellum envelopes that I’ve seen a few other blogging brides use and knew I had to use them as well.

I positioned the address label on the outside of the envelope and card inside the envelope just perfect so the words “Save the Date” would be shown through the envelope.

Picture- Stack

From the back of the envelope you could see our picture and the wedding date through the vellum.

Picture 027

I also downloaded the Quentincaps, Veteran Typewriter, and OldNewspaper Type fonts from Dafont.com for free and used them throughout the various parts of our save the date.

Picture-STD Collection

Picture 017

I voted against ordering the custom stamps with our picture again due to budget and went with good old USPS’s King and Queen of Hearts Love stamps at regular postage prices.  I was really excited I actually chose to go this route because I think they added the perfect touch to our envelopes!

Picture-STD Final

STD Final

I was really excited about the end result up until I mailed them out! I started having second thoughts about how they really turned out, what would people think of them, worried about whether or not I mailed them to the right addresses, etc.  I admit I had a few sleepless nights, but Mark assured me they were great and that HE loved them. That of course made me feel better because ultimately WE are the only ones who needed to be happy with the way they turned out and we were.  I’m just a perfectionist and a worrier!  I started getting responses from those who received them and of course everyone thought they were so cute and creative!

Soon I’ll start working on our DIY wedding invitations and can’t wait to challenge myself again and see how they turn out!

Friends of Honor

I’ve been so blessed to have so many great people in my life.   I’ve kept the same circle of friends for many, many years, some whom I have known for almost 16 years!  That is why it might have come as a surprise to some when Mark & I decided to only have a best man and maid of honor in our wedding party. If we were to have a “big” wedding party, I would have had my 3 sisters whom I’m very close to, 6 of my girlfriends whom I’ve known since middle school through college, and of course my cousin Katrina who will be my maid of honor.  We chose to keep it small though as far as the “wedding party” goes. That still won’t take away from the fact that all these ladies are very important to me.  Although I know they won’t be standing next me physically on my wedding day, they’ve stood by me for so long and so I will honor them.  Since you’re allowed to do whatever you want on your wedding day, I’ve named these girls my “Friends of Honor.”  And so just like many girls had a “special” way of asking their friends to be their bridesmaids, I chose to do something similar. I’m still working on something for my sisters and cousin but here is peek at what I did for my girlfriends….


I custom made a greeting card through Snapfish. I choose the 12 photo template and inserted pictures of me and my ladies throughout the years.  I ordered 7, one for me to keep and so I could also use it as practice.


Once I received the cards in the mail, I created a word document and adjusted the page size to fit the size of the card.  I created a monogram (since I didn’t have the professional monograms just yet) and on each card wrote a personal note to each girl. I’m glad I ordered an extra card because you can see from the picture, it came in handy since I made a few errors using my home printer.  Since the card is glossy, I allowed the ink to dry on each card for 2 days under a desk lap. With my practice card I found that even after allowing them to dry for a few days, the ink would smear a little if touched.

So each girl loved their card and glad fully excepted the position as what they’ve termed themselves, my “unofficial” bridesmaids. I’ll eventually frame my card to remember all the support they’ve given me over the years, the planning process, and on my wedding day. They are the BEST!

Vintage Postcards



So I honestly don’t know why or how I fell in love with vintage everything as I started planning this wedding.  I think vintage = a fresh and classic look.  And there’s so much one can do!  I found these great postcards on Heather Bullard’s site and think these would make great DIY save the date announcements or part of your invitation suite printing a map or hotel accommodations on the back. I think I’m really going to try something like this soon with my own Save-the-Dates so if I do, I’ll post pics.

Anyone else incorporating a vintage “theme” or feel into your wedding?

A DIY gift for the Bridesmaids

DiY Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Another super cute idea…this time for a Bridesmaid gift if having a destination wedding.  How appropriate are these cute little suitcases packed with all the essential bridesmaid “survival” items for your wedding day!? Style Me Pretty featured these DIY Bridesmaid and I thought these were sooo adorable and had to share.  Fill them up with needle & thread, gloss, perfume, tissues, or whatever else you think one of your best girlfriends might need to get you or themselves out of a wardrobe or other beauty malfunction on your day!

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