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Mel + Mark Get Ready

Yup- you’ve seen that first pic up on the blog before. I just love it. I feel like it captures Cabo’s beauty and the gazebo we married in so beautifully. It was snapped by BubbleRock Studios and is the one I had blown up and hung in my office up until April (when I left my corporate job). But everyone who walked into my office would be mesmerized by the photo. Stuck in an interior office with no windows to the outside, one co-worker said it was liking having my own personal window overlooking paradise. I’d say he was right.

Our time spent in Cabo was really a dream come true and of course one we will never forget. I didn’t want to bore you all with too many “Getting Ready” pics but thought I’d share a few before tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s the eve of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Photos below were taken by our local Cabo photographer, Fabian Espinosa.

Ta-ta until tomorrow!

Australian Wedding by Darko Sikman Photography

End of last week I had some gallbladder issues- yuck! So I missed out on updating the blog with new wedding and engagements. :/

But since it’s never to late to share, up now is a first coming from New South Wales, Australia and Darko Sikman Photography! Helen and Chris married just this past February and worked amazing hard to make their destination wedding a trip their guests remembered forever. I think they succeeded!

More details from Darko: With friends and family coming from all around the world, the bride and groom knew that they had their work cut out for them, to make the journey worthwhile. If they were going to ask people to come THAT far it had better be good. The destination they chose couldn’t fail to deliver: Byron Bay is one of the most gorgeous stretches of coast line in the world. The location for the ceremony could not have been more perfect: A beautifully manicured lawn overlooking the beach, with a view of the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse in the distance. As the wedding guests gathered the sun was shining and every last detail was divine. And then came the rumbling of thunder as the ominous black clouds rolled in. Not to be deterred, the guests took their places in the open air seating, crossed their fingers and toes and as the bride rolled up in a vintage Rolls Royce, looking radiant of course, the final few rays of sunshine were still just barely hanging on. As the bride and groom were racing through their vows the heavens finally opened and the rain came down. But the picture perfect guests all sat patiently waiting, clutching their purses overhead until the magic words were proclaimed: ‘’I now pronounce you man and wife’’. To which the groom seized the moment, and his bride, to plant the first passionate, marital and slightly wet kiss on her lips. With that, most of the guests promptly dashed for cover while the bride and groom made a quick champagne toast under a waterproof parasol and the die-hard family and friends stuck around to congratulate the happy couple, waiting for the storm to pass……….and it did! A wonderful metaphor for a start to marriage: It may not always be exactly what you wish for, but with a little determination and patience, the sun will always come back for an encore performance. From the ceremony site it was a quick drive through town, heading up to the lighthouse for a photo-shoot that would capture those first post-wedding magic moments forever.

Hair Stylist:  Fuz Hair / Caterer:  North Byron Events / Floral Designer:  Flowers on the Run / Reception Venue:  North Byron Events / Dress Designer:  Maggie Sottero / Ceremony Location:  North Byron Events / Makeup Artist:  Michelle C Beauty & Creative Makeup

Wedding Bloopers…They Happen.

Weddings are like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.

Of course we can assume that by the end of the day you’ll be married to the love of your life. And well…that is the most important thing!

But my bite off the infamous line from our good friend Forrest Gump, is still a nod to all that goes wrong during your engagement, wedding planning, and gasp….even on the big day. It’s true my friends, not everything ends up technically perfect.

See, a year ago today I was just two days away from marrying my prince charming.  By now we had already spent a few days in Cabo San Lucas at the gorgeous Dreams Resort and Spa and had already welcomed most of our guests. Notice I said, welcomed. Not spending time with them. While everyone else was enjoying their third or fourth margarita from the all-inclusive pool side bar, yours truly was up in our wedding suite still painting picture frames, sewing fabric flowers, and tying twine and name tags on our CD wedding favors.

Why? Because I’m special. Haha! Well because I wanted everything perfect of course. What I forgot though, was all those details I cared so much about, no one would probably even notice or miss since they didn’t know what to expect anyway. I’d like to say I don’t have any regrets from my entire wedding planning experience, but if I had to put something on the list, I’d say barricading myself in our hotel room until everything was finished would probably get added.

Other things that weren’t technically perfect?

  • The best man and father in law were still out sightseeing in town at the time we were scheduled to take group photos on the day of the wedding.
  • The husband-to-be was in charge of the music playlist since we iPod it. He never finished it.
  • My poor grandma ended up in the hospital for 2 days and missed the day of our wedding ceremony.
  • The husband-to-be forgot his written vows in the hotel room (luckily he had time to run up and grab them before I walked in).
  • The day started out super windy and ended super hot and humid.
  • On the night we bused our guests to downtown Cabo for the nightlife, I got so drunk (because I didn’t eat much that day) that the the future hubby had to catch us a cab back to the hotel and we had to leave our guests behind. :/
  • My dad’s side of the family was seated at a table farthest away from the head table. They should have been closer. Seems minor, but it was important.
  • Photographer didn’t have time to take detail shots! So we had no professional pics of our signature drink, stripped straws, CD favors, fabric flowers, picture frames, adorable signage, cake toppers, and cake. Those are the most important photos of the day you know! Grrr…lol.
  • Cake wasn’t all that great.

But despite all the things that went technically wrong, at the end of our wedding day all was still right in our world. We were happily married and surrounded by the most amazing circle of family and friends, we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

So why start with the “wedding bloopers” on such a celebratory week? Well I simply wanted to get them out of the way so I can move on to the good stuff! Since I’ve actually never shared our professional wedding photos or post-wedding details with you all before, I thought what better time to share them than our 1 year anniversary week!

I can’t wait to share our day with you! Our wedding and time spent in Cabo was imperfectly perfect and it was absolutely the BEST. WEEK. EVER.

Fabian Espinosa Photography

Images: Chocolate (Friends Camera); Group Photo (Fabian Espinosa)

Destination: Florida from Jennifer B. Photography

Jessica & Tyler came to Destin for their beach wedding from northern Alabama. Family and friends helped with reception decor, food, and food table centerpiece. Big Day Weddings handled all the ceremony decor, set up, flowers, and reception table centerpieces.

I just love Destin! If you’ve never been, it’s a quiet little town off the panhandle of Florida and made perfect for intimate beach weddings. There are amazing beach homes that line the coast and is a great family getaway spot.  If you feel the urge to kick it up a notch for the night, the old MTV Spring Break locale of Panama City Beach is about a 45 minute drive east.

But Jessica and Tyler’s wedding is so bright in color and cheerful! As Dawn Murph Photography’s second shooter, Jennifer Bruce from Jennifer B. Photography was there to snap these beauties…

Photographer (Second Shooter):  Jennifer B. Photography / Event Planner:  Big Day Weddings / Dress Store:  David’s Bridal / Other:  Henderson Beach State Park / Pre-Ceremony Location:  Eden Gardens State Park

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