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A Pinwheel Wedding by Loving Legacy Photography

Ohhhh-tayyyy! So really peeps. What could be better kicking this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious kind of weekend off than with a spectacular seaside wedding and PINWHEELS!? I seriously could not wait to share this fabulous wedding captured by the super sweet, Angela Sackett, from Loving Legacy Photography. I’m only in love with like, ummmm, ALL of it! I especially love the bride’s veil, the groom’s Converse kicks, and their custom wood cake toppers!!

Okay, okay if you’ve been following me here than you already know we will have all the above details in our own wedding! Yay! I just love when couples intertwine such fun details throughout their day and Katie & Chris did just that. I can imagine this wedding was off the charts and Angela made sure not to miss one second of it!

A little bit about our Seaside Couple:

Where we met: I (Katie) was a senior in college and Chris had previously graduated from the same school in central Florida. After moving from states way up North we met down in Florida at a bar…not the most romantic beginning, but we both knew pretty much right away we would be here someday..married and happier than ever!

A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 01


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 02


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 03


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 04


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 05

About the big day:  The entire day was incredible. Getting ready for the ceremony was very surreal. I could see the ceremony site from the window of the B&B where I was getting ready with all of my girls and my mom. I loved spending that time going from nervous to excited over and over again with such an amazing group of girls. The walk down the aisle was the most memorable moment of the day. It felt like slow motion and all I could feel was my dad holding my arm as tight as he could and all I could see was my husband-to- be smiling at me from the other end of the aisle. It was a feeling I will never forget. The party was an immense amount of fun, but it was a whirlwind and flew by in what seemed like minutes! Chris and I especially loved looking around and seeing all the different people from different stages in our life together in one place all having a blast together.

A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 06


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 07


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 08


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 09


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 10


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 11


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 01


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 13

It’s all in the details: Planning the wedding was incredible and an incredible amount of work! The most important thing to both of us was that our guests felt our presence throughout the night in as many aspects as possible. We wanted to create a very unique, personal, and fun experience for everyone. We feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful people in our lives that planning revolved so much around creating a special night not only for us, but for all of those people.

A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 14


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 15


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 16


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 17


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 18


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 19


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 20


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 21


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 22


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 23


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 24


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 25


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 26


A Pinwheel Florida Wedding 28

His favorite part of the day: Watching Kate coming around the corner.

Her favorite part of the day: It is really hard for me to choose a favorite moment, but when I sit back and think about the day I immediately go to the ceremony and the walk down the aisle. It was just so perfect. The ceremony took us a long time to plan so each moment during that part of the day was so packed with emotion. I could not stop smiling.  At least, that is what I’ve been told.

One tip to share with other brides: Every few minutes, stop, look around, and remind yourself that it is your wedding day. It goes so incredibly fast. 

And where did these lovebirds go for their honeymoon? The honeymoon was a big surprise. Chris revealed the destination on our sailboat farewell ride after the wedding.  We took a Carnival Cruise to Grand Caymen, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel. We spent the week doing lots of relaxing and enjoying each others company and some fun adventurous excursions including Cave Tubing, Sea Trekking, & Snorkeling!

I love it when we can take a step even further into a couple’s day & get to know them a little better with video. So today I also get to share Katie & Chris’s amazing wedding trailer and they are adorable! Two thumbs up goes to Movie Magic Productions and to each of their dad’s for making such beautiful & sentimental speeches! *Squish*

Bride & Groom: Kaitlin & Chris
Wedding Date: April 16, 2011
Location: Palmetto, Florida, United States
Ceremony Location: Palmetto Riverside Inn

The Creative Team Behind the Scenes:

Photographer: Loving Legacy Photography / Favors and Gifts: Etsy – Vintage Confections / Floral Designer: Beneva Flowers / Reception Venue:  Riverhouse Reef & Grill / Invitation Designer: Sparrow Design / Cinema and Video: Movie Magic Productions / Dress Designer: Betsy Johnson / Other:  Raven Gloss Studio / Cake Designer: Slice of Heaven / Salon: Ana Molinari Salon / Shoes:  Steve Madden

Great Etsy Finds!

Pinwheels: Rule 42 / Cake Toppers: Sweetie Cake Topper / Reception Location: Sonesta Great Bay Resort / Flowers in Bride’s Hair: The Blossom Shop / Bridesmaid’s jewelry & mom & sister personalized Jewelry: Maggie’s Corner / Garter: The Garter Girl / Bride’s Earrings: JFrancesDesign / Bride’s clutch: Raven Gloss Studio / Bride’s Dress Hanger: Dawn’s Craft Store / Veil: Veiled Beauty / Candy for Favors: Website: Vintage Confections

Sky Diving for Faith, Love, and Marriage: Vanessa + Mike

So what the heck does a couple {and their wedding party} do the day before the wedding? Mani Pedi’s with the girls? Nope. A bridesmaid luncheon? Wrong. Rehearsal Dinner? Eh-eh.

They go SKY DIVING of course!! Our oceanside couple from today’s real wedding, Vanessa and Mike fell head over heels in love, then fell (or jumped) out of a plane! And talk about a free spirited group of friends and fam because most of their wedding party jumped with them! I’m about 99% sure Mr. Oceanside (nor my wedding party) would go for a sky diving excursion. But learning that they tied faith as one meaning behind the jump, made it even more magical. It not only signified they were putting their lives in Gods hands to carry them down from their jump safely, but they were also putting themselves and their marriage in the hands of God to lead them through life. {BIG SIGH}….just love it!

So are you ready? Set. Jump!

Wedding Sky Dive- The Bride

Wedding Sky Dive- The Groom

Now Kiss!

Wedding Sky Dive- The Kiss

Butterflies in your stomach yet?? Well get ready for more with their beautiful pink and yellow wedding as photographed by Lauren and Michael Kinsey from Lauren Kinsey Photography. So many details intertwined throughout their day reflected their style, cultures, and personality. Their love of the ocean influenced their decision to marry at the Sawgrass Country Club with an amazing ocean view.

From the photographers, Lauren and Michael Kinsey: Vanessa + Mike contacted us from North Carolina and since we weren’t able to meet in person, we settled for a Skype video chat (hello, the best thing EVER! so much cooler when you can video chat!) and we chatted for over 2 hours about everything under the sun! :) Their wedding was on April 2 at the beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach at the Sawgrass Beach Club. Ponte Vedra is home for Vanessa, so naturally, this is where she wanted to get married. :) It also holds a special meaning for Mike + Vanessa because Mike proposed to her there over Easter weekend. The thing that really struck Michael and I was the quiet, passionate love that they share for each other. I love the way that Mike holds Vanessa so naturally and the way that Vanessa balances Mike out so perfectly. It is beautiful to watch and it comes so naturally for them. They are also hugely adventurous! They went skydiving with the bridal party the day before the wedding! What the what?! True story. :) All the details were beautiful! Each table had a place card designating special places to Mike + Vanessa and a short story on the back about that location. :)

Now onto the pretty pink and yellow goodness…

First a little more from our Oceanside Bride, Vanessa: Mike is from Miami, FL (he’s first generation Cuban-American) and I am from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. We met back in the Spring of ’06 in a Calculus class at the University of Florida. We had secret crushes on each other as we sat near each other in class, but we went our separate ways until we realized we lived in the same apartment complex in the Spring of ’08. We were friends for a month but we both had such strong chemistry that falling in love was almost instantaneous. We’ve been going strong ever since. =) Mike proposed on the beach (on Easter while visiting my family in Ponte Vedra) on our two year anniversary, and we were married exactly one year later on our three year anniversary.

Florida Wedding Photography 01

Florida Wedding Photography 02

How and why did you choose your destination/location? We both love the beach and it has played a special role in our lives. We figured Ponte Vedra would be the best location, and some of our friends/family still lived in Florida. Also, for our other friends/family that were in difference states, wouldn’t the beach be a more exciting vacation? =) We knew we wanted the ocean to be visible during our ceremony and reception, and the Sawgrass Beach Club was the perfect place. It was close to my parents’ house and near the hotels our guests would stay in. It had a beautiful view of the ocean from their elevated balcony, which was just big enough for around 100 seats and felt intimate and cozy.

Florida Wedding Photography 03

Florida Wedding Photography 05

Florida Wedding Photography 04

Florida Wedding Photography 06

Florida Wedding Photography 07

Florida Wedding Photography 08

Florida Wedding Photography 10

Florida Wedding Photography 011

Florida Wedding Photography 09

Florida Wedding Photography 012

What unique elements or DIY projects did you incorporate into your big day to help make it extra special? I really wanted to incorporate things about our Italian (that’s me) and Cuban heritages. I knew something both cultures have in common is the love of coffee!  Our wedding favors were yellow coffee mugs with a gray goodie bag tied inside with a ribbon. The goodie bags were to be filled up at our candy bar—and all candy had a significance to these cultures. We had dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans, caramels, toffee, marzipan (made by a company called De La Rosa!) and malt balls. My mom found these great glass buckets and silver “shovels” (they were ice scoops) to tie in the beach feel, and that’s how the candy was displayed and dispensed into the goodie bags. Our centerpieces/flowers/ décor were all done by the magnificent Liz Stewart Floral Design. Mike and I made the table markers— which were designed to look like postcards. The front was a picture of the destination (a city or place that either we had traveled to together or held significance to our backgrounds). The back was like the postage side of post card with a hand-written explanation of how that place was important to us. I made the seating chart by myself as well as the candy signs, etc. I bought the metal card holders at Michael’s.

Florida Wedding Photography 013

Florida Wedding Photography 014

Florida Wedding Photography 015

Florida Wedding Photography 016

Florida Wedding Photography 017

What challenges (if any) did you face while planning your wedding? In December of ’09 (about four months before he proposed), Mike and I moved to Charlotte, NC. So the whole year of our engagement and wedding planning was done 6 hours away. My mom was a HUGE help. Every weekend I could, I would drive down to meet with vendors, try on dresses, etc, but my mom was always there for the meetings and preparations I couldn’t be there for.  Mike’s job isn’t conducive to having two consecutive days off on the weekends, so he felt distanced from a lot of the decisions, and at times, so did I. This helped us ease up on caring too much about little things that were not important in the end. It helped us stay a little more grounded about it all. We loved the final product though, and all the effort was worth it!

Please tell us about your favorite wedding moment! I really loved our ceremony. Mike’s brother-in-law , Jason, was our officiant and he really knew how to balance spirituality, our personalities, serious, tender moments and humor perfectly! Mike, I, and almost ALL of our wedding party went skydiving the DAY before our wedding! So all nerves were crushed by the time we stood to make our vows. Jason tied in the leap of faith, how it symbolizes our trust in God and our willingness to take this step together. We had a few good laughs as we got ready to make our vows, and it was so exciting to see all our guests smile and feel comfortable as they took part in the special moment with us. You can see a few pictures where we break out into laughter. =)

Florida Wedding Photography 018

Florida Wedding Photography 019

What is your best advice for other couples planning a wedding right now? The cliché is to say never to stress, focus on the reason you are getting married. I had a very hard time with this, as it seems most people do! So, my second best advice would be to set a timeline and use that as your guide to get things done so that you never feel overwhelmed. I loved knowing that I had this and this to do this month, and I didn’t need to worry about that until next month.

Florida Wedding Photography 020

Thrilled that Lauren shared this gorgeous Florida wedding with us! Cheers to the newlyweds Michael & Vanessa! I think their sky dive to marriage is a great way to jump off into many more awesome adventures together!

Bride and Groom: Michael and Vanessa
Date: April 2, 2011
City, State, Country: Ponte Vedra, Florida, United States
Approximate Guest Size: 85 guests
Ceremony Location: Sawgrass Beach Club, on a balcony overlooking the ocean
Reception Location: Sawgrass Beach Club

The creative team behind the scenes:

Photographer: Lauren Kinsey Photography / Event Coordination: Michelle Cox (Seagrass Beach Club) Hair Stylist: Ten Salon / Floral Designer: Liz Stewart Floral Design / Reception Venue:  Sawgrass Country Club / DJ: ABC Djs / Cake Designer: Sawgrass Beach Club / Paper Goods: Signage and Table Markers made by Bride/Groom and Invitations made by friend, Oliver French / Dress: Oleg Cassini / Shoes: Michael Shannon / Dress Hanger: Etsy / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal / Tuxes: Jones New York / Make-up: Bridesmaid, Erin Long

A Playful Key West Engagement Session

What better way to start off Monday than with an adorable and playful engagement session in Key West! This couple looks like soooo much fun and Elaine Palladino does such an amazing job capturing the chemistry between these two!  Some of their photos were taken at the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum where weddings are held. What a cool (and historic!) place to begin writing the first chapter in your own love story. Ceremonies take place in the beautiful gardens, poolside or on the charming bridge overlooking the Koi Pond.

Onto the good stuff- this e-session is so fun! So glad Elaine shared them with me!

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Key West Engagement Session Elaine Palladino Photography

Fun right?! Key West is such a beautiful place to visit and these photos make it even more tempting to just pack up and go!

This engagement session was submitted via Two Bright Lights!

A Sweet Florida Engagement Session by Karen Lisa

Getting ready for the weekend?? We may try to head to the beach but still undecided. It’s a “daycation” kind of thing since we’re just a little over an hour away from St. Augustine, FL and Crescent Beach. After prepping this e-session though, it sure does make me want to go even more!

A pretty little engagement session taken by one of my favorites, Karen Lisa Artistic Photography. I love, love, love her photography style and thankful she sent this one our way!

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

Karen Lisa Artistic Photography

 Thanks Karen for sharing and happy weekend to you all!

This wedding was submitted via Two Bright Lights!

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